RSD Data Applications

Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) efficiently measure in-use vehicle emissions generating large datasets that can be used for a number of “value-adding” benefits to motorists, and government jurisdictions responsible for Periodic Technical Inspection and vehicular emissions reduction and control.

In the United States, data collected using RSDs are used to reward motorists who maintain clean running, low polluting vehicles.  Owners of these low polluting vehicles are offered an exemption from their next scheduled PTI, thereby saving them time and effort and the expense to travel to a fixed testing location.  Opus Group conveniently provides exemptions to over 350,000 vehicles from emissions inspection annually in this manner, a process known as Clean Screening in the US.

Remote sensing data are also been used to find the very high polluting vehicles which contribute disproportionally to a region’s vehicle emissions inventory.  Owners of these vehicles are notified by Opus Group on behalf of the Regulatory Authority about the environmental and economic impacts of their very high emissions and summoned to undergo re-inspection and perform corrective maintenance and/or repairs, a process known as High Emitter Identification in the US.

Additionally, the millions of real driving emissions measurements of the on-road vehicle fleet-at-large collected by RSDs in the process of Clean Screening or High Emitter Identification are used by government authorities in several beneficial applications, including:

  • Program Effectiveness Evaluation,
  • Fraudulent PTI Inspection Detection,
  • OBD Evaluation / Validation,
  • Vehicle Deterioration Studies, and
  • Emissions Inventory Validation. 

Finally, since the Volkswagen scandal, Opus Group has reported extensively on the very effective way its RSD data can be used in Europe to screen high emitting vehicle types on-road to focus and improve in-service conformity testing programs.  More details about this particular application can be found in the references below:

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